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        Absolutely charming, Cortona masters the Valdichiana and the Trasimeno Lake. It was on of the twelve Etrusche confederation cities. We can still today see imposing part of its primitive ciclopychs walls that are scarcely modified by medieval walls. Safe same palaces of renaissance, the prevalent Cortona building are medievals and it contributes to confer a particular aspect to the grasps and steep streets. The grateful discovery of Cortona is the panorama, a harmonious landscape where the Siena hills, make a frame the green Valdichiana. The visit of the city surely begins to the wonderful Church of the Madonna del Calcinaio built between the XIV and the XV century.Also merit a visit the Cathedral (XV century) and the Santa Maria Nuova Churches (300 mt to Casale Fonteluccia) built on the etruschi remmants and mastered of a wonderful XVI century dome.


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Casale Fonteluccia Casa Vacanze

Loc. S.Maria Nuova

Cortona - Arezzo

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